Cryptocurrency acceptance made easy


Accept crypto from anywhere in the world and get paid in fiat. It's easy, even if you have no idea what crypto is. Pay no processing fee and get money to your corporate bank account in 24 hours.


Open a new market for your business

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Why accept crypto with elegro


Get settled in fiat

You accept crypto and get settled in fiat to a corporate account (IBAN) we give you


Increase profitability

Increase your business profits by entering new markets and expanding the range of your customers


No conversion risk

Sell worldwide with zero conversion risk


No chargebacks

Get payments with no chargebacks and go-betweens; let your clients use their crypto assets for everyday purchases


Payments with no borders

Everyone in the world who has crypto can pay you in the most friendly & secure manner


Quick withdrawals

No need to wait for weeks: the money will hit your account in 24 hours

Send invoices by email

Don’t have a website yet? Accept crypto payments without registration! Send invoices to your clients by email

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Accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on your website in the easiest way. Get instantly settled in fiat. Enjoy international C2B payments with no exchange risk and chargebacks

  • Back office for greater control
  • Corporate account (IBAN)
  • Withdrawals in fiat and crypto
  • Zero conversion risk
  • No chargebacks and exchange fee
  • Instant global payments 24/7
  • Qualified customer support
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How it works

01. On the checkout page, your client chooses to pay with Bitcoin or any other crypto

02. We convert the coins in real time, eliminating fraud and volatility risks

03. You get the right price as a direct fiat deposit into your merchant account and earn on the crypto exchange


Accept crypto “offline” with no need to know much about it. Use our POS app to let your clients spend their coins. Boost sales and earn more on payment processing.

  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Real-time sales with no fraud
  • Cost saving on paying fees
  • More clients ready to spend with you
  • Withdrawals in local currency
  • Instant and secure NFC payments
  • No need to be a cryptocurrency expert

How it works

01. At checkout, your client wants to pay with Bitcoin or any other crypto

02. Your cashier accepts the payment using a smartphone or tablet with our pre-installed POS app

03. You get the right price as a direct fiat deposit into your merchant account

Supported cryptocurrencies

The range of coins is constantly expanded

Our pre-built solutions for instant integrations

Start accepting crypto on your website within minutes. Offer more payment alternatives to your clients using our in-house API