Multi-currency business wallet

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for seamless global payments

  • Get an EU IBAN for your business
  • Enjoy chargeback-free payments
  • Cut corners on intermediary fees
  • Local UK payments
elegro business solutions elegro business solutions

Keep money in your business

Skyrocket your business with a one-stop solution that keeps your funds organized, accessible, useful, and full of value. Collect and make C2B/B2B payments in a hassle-free, easy and seamless environment.

Exchange between multi‑currency assets with no extra fees and fraud risk. Transfer money globally with SEPA & SWIFT.

  • SEPA/SWIFT transfers
  • Instant currency exchange
  • We support stablecoins

Digital solution with real-world applications


Enter $275 billion financial market

Join the worldwide financial system to accept payments from anywhere as well as transfer money globally. Monitor your fund flow in a friendly, cost‑efficient, and compliant way.


Transfer money “from hand to hand”

To help you build a successful business network inside the elegro ecosystem, we have enabled instant wallet-to-wallet transfers with no intermediaries seeking to take a huge chunk out of your funds.


Unique IBAN for your business

Collect C2B deposits in multiple currencies from your customers. Simplify your reconciliation process by using a unique IBAN associated with your business.


“Purposeful” transactions

Specify the purpose of your payments, and back it up by supporting documentation (contract or invoice) to promote accountability as well as keep up with regulatory compliance.


Coins backed by the proven value

Use the advantage of digital dollars that fly at the speed of blockchain. By adopting Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) stablecoins that are 1:1 pegged to USD, a fully-reserved fiat currency, you efficiently hedge the value of your business assets.


5AMLD Compliance

The fifth anti-money laundering directive (5AMLD) allows your business to become part of a stable framework for secure cryptocurrency adoption. With elegro Wallet, you eliminate risks associated with money laundering, PEPs, and fraudulent use of cryptocurrencies.


In-app currency exchange

With your new wallet, you don’t need to address third parties to buy and sell currencies. Сut corners on hassle and fees by exchanging between your multi-currency assets directly in the app.


GDPR Adherence

By following the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines and using in-house technologies, we affirm your right to the protection of sensitive data you share with us.


Immutable transactions

Immutability is one of the key features your transactions get with blockchain technology. It helps you maintain the highest level of security and eliminate payment-related risks such as double‑spending, chargebacks, and fraud.



Follow transactions in real time. Get permanent access to your account for live balance monitoring and tracking payments whenever you make or receive them.


Enable instant global fund transfers with volatility-free assets that maintain the value of your money. Buy, use, and redeem coins 1:1 pegged against the world's top reserve currencies.

Currencies you can use with us


Create a wallet for a regular currency of your choice. Top it up via SEPA, SWIFT or CHAPS, FPS transfer. Check the balance!


Enable instant global fund transfers with volatility-free assets that maintain the value of your money. Buy, use, and redeem coins 1:1 pegged against the world's top reserve currencies.

desktop wallet image

Wallet on your desktop

A web version for Windows, macOS, and Linux users

desktop wallet image
  • In-sync with your computer

    When your device’s battery gets low, use a desktop or laptop to manage balances and keep track of your crypto-fiat transactions.

  • Always up to date

    There’s no need for you to download, install, and update specific software. Instead, you exploit a user-friendly solution that is always up to date.

  • Runs on your favorite device

    With elegro Wallet, you get a one‑stop solution that works fine on your desktop, laptop, or MacBook. Manage your fund flows in the comfort of your office!